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Quelle strane occasioni - Superman Italian (1976) subtitrat

Evaluarea IMDb:6.2
Țară: Italy,
35 minute
Limbi vorbite: Italiană
Gen(uri): Comedie
Regizor: Luigi Comencini, Nanni Loy, Luigi Magni
Distribuție: Paolo Villaggio (ca Giobatta, segment "Italian Superman")

Giobatta, artist erotic talentat peste noapte.O sotie geloasa...

The first episode with Paolo Villaggio was the centre of controversy over its tastelessness, resulting in director Loy removing his name from it. The star resides in Amsterdam with his wife, making very little money selling specialty Italian food; one day he crosses paths with a local bigwig who notices the generous size of his member and, soon, Villaggio starts bringing home lots of dough – appearing in mask and costume, billed as the “Italian Superman”, in live porn shows making love to nubile girls stretched out on a large plate of pasta! It’s not long, however, before the wife finds out – but, rather than ask him to stop, she wants to get in on the act; the catch is that he can’t ‘work’ with his wife, and this soon leads him to be replaced by a Turkish hunk! Perhaps the best moment in this episode sees Villaggio hanging over the side of a ship: on chasing his initially distraught wife, he tries to explain that he’s doing it for her as well as the country’s honor, before nonchalantly confessing that he has just s*** his pants!

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